Last update: 2013-06-06

CountryThe probably number of participantsDate
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China102012-12-28
Republic of Portugal242013-04-24
The Czech Republic62013-05-22
Republic of France132013-05-23
Republic of Tunisia72013-05-03
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland192013-04-14
The Islamic Republic of Iran42013-05-22
Kingdom of the Netherlands52013-04-12
Republic of Croatia42013-06-04
Republic of Finland32012-12-31
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela212013-05-30
Commonwealth of Australia92013-05-07
Kingdom of Sweden92013-04-24
Republic of Estonia22013-02-27
Kingdom of Spain82013-04-29
Republic of Italy92013-05-16
Faroe Islands42013-04-14
Republic of Poland192013-04-24
Republic of Cape Verde12013-05-28

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